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FIND A GCCF AUSTRALIAN MIST BREEDER The Australian Mist Cat Association is a Full Member Club of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF). As such all members of the club agree to : Abide by the rules and regulations of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and any subsequent amendments. Members are bound by the rules and disciplinary powers of the GCCF in accordance with the Constitution of the Council. Please satisfy yourself when visiting a breeder that you are happy with the conditions the kitten has been raised in, that the kitten is healthy has had or will be having its complete primary course of vaccinations, has been wormed and treated for fleas and is registered with the GCCF.  Most breeders micro-chip their kittens and many neuter prior to the kitten to leaving home a kitten should be no less than 13 weeks of age when it leaves the breeder. When you purchase your kitten you should expect to receive its registration documents, a 4/5 generation pedigree, micro-chip registration documents, breed/general kitten care information and dietary information most breeders provide their kittens with 4 weeks free Insurance Should you have any questions or require further information please feel free to contact any of our Officers
FIND A GCCF BREEDER   Purranza Australian Mists Website: www.purranza.com Email: j.brimsden@gmail.com Telephone: 01787 278912                            Micajas Australian Mist & Devon Rex  Website: www.micajas-cats.com Email: ayla28550@gmail.com Telephone: 01787 211023    Imajarrahcat & Jarrahcat Australian Mists Website: www.jarrahcat.com Email:  jarrahcat@googlemail.com Telephone: 01157 523252 or 07815 050509    Gossamyst Australian Mists Website: www.gossamyst.co.uk Email: gossamyst@hotmail.co.uk Telephone: 01392 882341
Kittens Available Purranza have Mist Kittens available ready to leave home 25/08/2017. One Brown Marbled boy and one chocolate marbled boy and a chocolate marbled girl available all GCCF registered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and insured Find a Breeder